Monday, June 7, 2010

Working on Scrapbook

I do not intend to completely abandon my blog, but for the past week or so, I have been very engrossed with the scrapbook that I am doing about my husband's father.  When my sister-in-law came to visit a couple of weeks ago, she brought a couple more boxes of "stuff" from her garage, and I am having to sift through all of it and organize it with all of the information that I already have. I have decided to let everything go (as much as I can) and just get this thing done as it is really weighing on my mind.  I enjoy doing it, but it is very tiring.

My father-in-law seems to have been a romantic man during his short life, and, of course, I am eating that up. :)

In all of this, I have not lost sight of my diet.  I have lost 3 pounds! 


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. I am very jealous. Still exercising but I'm at a stand still on results. You are so right about a good project keeping ones mind off of food. I probably should get going on something too.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Annie. I have lost a couple more pounds and would like to lose about 15 more. Keeping a food diary helps me.

    I have neglected my blog - as well as everything else including my house - in order to get that scrapbook done. I have enjoyed doing it. It is almost finished.

  3. Pat, how are you? It's been a while. Drop me a line sometime. :)

  4. Rebecca, I am fine. Have just gotten sidetracked from my blog. It does take a LOT of time to blog (at least, for me - I'm slow). Hopefully, I will get back to it soon. Thanks so much for asking.


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