Monday, May 3, 2010

My Grandchildren

I have not really talked about my grandchildren - mainly because of privacy issues - but they are a big part of my life. There are eleven of them ranging from five years old to twenty-eight. All except two of them are fairly close by so that I see them frequently.

This past Friday was Grandparents' day at the school of my three youngest grandchildren.  They always have a big production at their school for this particular event - with performances, food, and visits to the children's rooms where they present us with gifts they have made.
My twenty-two year old grandson was with us for the weekend as he had a job near us to do.  My nine year old grandson is with us today.  He is recuperating from being sick over the weekend and needed to stay home from school. He is on his Grandpa's computer while I am working on this blog.

My seventeen year old granddaughter is having irregular hours at her school this week because of exams. Because of that she is spending tonight with us so that we can take her to school tomorrow for an exam at 11:30 in the morning (she has a working mother - as do all of my grandchildren).

I've always felt that I never knew what love really was until I had my first child.  However, I have found with my grandchildren that love really is absolutely unconditional - they can do no wrong! :)