Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Strawberry Festival and Current Knitting Project

Yesterday, my hubby and I went to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City.  It is an old festival here in Central Florida - started 75 years ago.  You cannot tell from this photo but there was a big crowd.  I meant to take a picture of the huge strawberry shortcake we had, but I guess I was too excited about eating it and forgot!

While there, we watched one of those waterless cookware demonstrations - the one where they cook and let the audience have samples of the food.  We bought one of those kinds of cookware sets about 40 years ago (and still use it) and certainly were not in the market for pots and pans.  But it was free food!  And the chef was very entertaining. And there were chairs where we could sit down for awhile.  One of the demonstrators gave me this website with cooking videos which demonstrates some of their recipes and cooking methods.

In the past year I have started knitting.  I learned how years ago but never did much with it - knitted a few sweaters and would probably be classified as a beginner. Currently I am working on an afghan for our family room sofa.  I found a free pattern on the web at this link and  found some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn on sale at Joann's that I could use with it.  I haven't made a lot of progress but am not really pushing it.  It's a simple, easy pattern and great for working on when I watch TV.   I never remember to change the little row counters that you put on knitting needles to keep track of which row you are on so I made a chart.  Anyone who may be interested in knitting this can access my chart here.