Sunday, March 7, 2010

Struggling to Learn How to Set Up This Blog

Every once in awhile, the solution to a problem will jump into my head early in the morning after I wake up.  One morning since I last posted, it dawned on me that maybe blogger will take png graphic files as well as jpg (and it does).  I had been trying to make my own title design with PSE and being able to use png's will make things easier as it enables me to use digital elements while keeping the background invisible.

I also was having problems figuring out how to size pictures to fit the title bar and did not really understand the instructions I found on the web.  Finally, I just right clicked on the title bar of someone else's blog that used the same template as I do and noted the properties of the photo used in their title bar.  The size was 800 x 170 pixels with a 72 resolution.  I still had to tweak this a little.  So now I have my own title though I need to work on it as it is by no means an impressive work!

Another idea I had is to make a quick draft of post ideas for the day early when my mind is working  and expand on it later - when my poor mind is tired and can't do any new thinking.

Every thing I have read on the internet (and in Google Blogger for Dummies that I just got from the library) talks about the importance of picking a subject that the writer is passionate about.  This has stumped me as there is not one thing that I stick with.  I am interested in a lot of things - particulary if there is something new to learn about it.  The only thing I can do is blog about whatever the thing of the moment happens to be……..thus the name “Occasional Pursuits”.   And wonder of wonders!  I was able to get a blogger domain name using the same words.