Saturday, March 27, 2010

Recipe Book - And A New Follower

I have a new follower!! Thanks very much to The Older Geek.  She sounds like an amazing woman.  A mother of 4 teenagers, she writes a LONG list of blogs with current and very interesting content - one of which is about how she did the electrical wiring in her home. Her posts on blogging are written very clearly and are most helpful.

I seem to be thinking about things in the kitchen a lot this week - especially my recipes.  I have this idea that I want to make a "Mama"s Recipe Book using all of my old recipes.  I'm talking about sort of a Heritage Cookbook, I guess, with pictures and a few stories here and there.

I have all of my recipes organized on my computer.  I've used different formats for them over the years - made a couple of notebooks for them.  A few years back I decided I wanted to go back to 4x6 cards.  Now I have decided to print them and put them back into a notebook - mainly to organize them better.  I can use the pictures of them that I am using on this blog.

I have a recipe program called Big Oven that I have used for a long time.  It is very easy to import recipes from the web into this program.  It makes shopping lists and has menu planning capbilities.

How to really go about this is not really clear to me yet. Maybe as a scrapbook??

Does anyone out there have any suggestions??