Monday, March 22, 2010

Today's Pursuit: Yardwork

This time of year in Central Florida our big oaks start shedding their leaves.  I have already raked one time just a few days ago, but you would never know it. Though there were other things that I would much rather have done today, those leaves were calling me. They look messy, but they do make good mulch for our azalea bushes.

We have a lot of big oak trees on our street though not as many as we had before Hurricane Charley.  There were 8 big trees blown down across the street.

There is also a lot of work to be done in the back of our house.  My husband has already trimmed a lot of dead limbs, etc. that were a result of the freezes we had this winter.  The lanatanas that I planted around a Florida Holly tree in the back were damaged, but they are very hardy.  I gave them a haircut and they will come back. Today I did a little more weeding in that bed. The pavers that surround the bed have become buried in the ground so I started digging them up and will reposition them.

My husband had planned to spray Round Up on the patio as there are a lot of weeds peaking up between the pavers, but there is too much wind this afternoon. The patio also needs to be sprayed with bleach for the midldew on the pavers.

There are big beds along the back that need to be weeded and mulched.......a lot to do.  I don't like yardwork!

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