Friday, March 12, 2010

New Blog Header

I have spent all morning making a new header for this blog.  Finally figured out that 1175 pixels will fit across the template (Minema Stretch) that I am using.  The width of a new header doesn't seem to matter.

I thought about changing the name of this blog to "Over 70 and Counting" inspired by  this blog I ran across last night.  It has a blogroll for bloggers over 50 with a lot of interesting looking sites on it.  If  I ever figure out how to make a bloggroll, maybe I could do one for over 70's!!  We could talk about our aches and pains and the trips we've taken :) .

I need to get out in the yard and rake oak leaves and cut back all of the dead stuff, but Thankfully unfortunately it is wet and rainy outside, as it was yesterday. This has been a weird winter.  We have lived here almost 50 years and I never remember another like it.