Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book Review: mr. muo's traveling couch

I liked Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (see my report on this) so much that I read  mr. muo's traveling couch by the same author, Dai Sijie. I was not disappointed.

The inside flap of the book cover gives a better description than I can:
After years of studying Freud in Paris, Mr. Muo returns home to introduce the blessings of psychoanalsis to twenty-first century China. But it is his hidden purpose - to liberate his university sweetheart, now a political prisoner - that leads him to the sadistic local magistrate, Judge Di. The price of the Communist bureaucrat's clemency? A virgin maiden. And so our middle-aged hero, Muo, a Westernized romantic and sexual innocent himself, sets off on his bicycle in search of a suitable girl.
This book is really funny (though I do have to admit I have been accused of having a weird sense of humor). While reading the book, I kept wondering how it would feel to live with such an imaginative brain as this man has.......a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Here is the review in the N.Y. Times..


  1. Since you have disclosed your passion for blogging,I do have to inquire about when you get a chance to read?

  2. Hi, Annie,
    I don't read books as much as I use to. I guess I find time to read the ones I do by letting other things that most people, who have some discipline and will-power that I wish I had, do instead ..... like cleaning house, doing the ironing, yardwork, etc :) I also have let my other projects - my scrapbook that I have started, an apron cut out and ready to sew, my knitting, etc. - go by the wayside for a little while. I have got to get back to them!


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