Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Beautiful Day in Sunny Florida

We have had a beautiful day. Blue skies, great weather, not too cool, not too hot. My husband, grandson, and I went to a craft fair and farmer's market.
A good photographer would have cleaned the food wrappers, etc. off the table:)  I"ll blame this on my husband as he is the one who took this picture.

Here is a photo taken today of the Lantana Bed that I was working on a couple of weeks back. They are beginning to grow and pretty soon will be covered with flowers.  Lantanas are a Florida native plant, don't require much water, and are very hardy. They come in several colors. Mine are red and yellow.  We have planted asparagus fern in the bare spot between the Lantanas and the patio.

The Bottle Brush trees here are in bloom. This photo does not really do this tree justice.  The "bottle brushes" are a vivid red.

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