Sunday, March 14, 2010

Housekeeping and More Thrifty Finds

Many times I have made schedules - some simple, some complicated - for getting my housework done.  Somehow I've never really hit on one that works for me.  I have read all the housework organizing books, Confessions of an Organized Homemaker, Side-Tracked Executives, Speed Cleaning, The Messies Manual, etc.and when the web came along, I would read all the home organizing sites that I could find.  I would get very enthusiastic about it, but in all too short order, it would become boring, or impossible to keep up with, or something would come along to get me off track.

Now, I have been keeping house for over 50 years and I still haven't solved the problem - so I guess it is hopeless.  In my defense, a good bit of that time I had 4 children and worked part time.

Hope springs eternal, I guess, and I still keep trying because disorder does bother me. My idea of  heaven includes having everything in place and clean.........all done by someone else, of course!

I've said all that to say this - I have got to get menus planned for next week or we will spend too many evenings eating out!  And I have got to clean my house for company next weekend!

Here are other thrift store, etc. decorating finds. The little glass jar was 75 cents and the red and white saucer 50 cents.  The flowers were cut from one stem at the dollar store.  They sorta match my wall paper and the salt and pepper shakers that were given to me by one of my children who knows I like floral (especially roses) designs. The vase  was recycled from a candle jar.

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