Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Menus and Blogging

I spent time yesterday writing the "About Me" post in the sidebar and working on my template - also researching some blogs.  I found a site called Blogging Basics 101 that promises to be helpful with my blogging and  also this site,  another interesting blog listing the ten top blogs in all kinds of subjects.  I have spent some time - using instructions in Blogging Basics to insert an RSS feed.  I have taken all of my "blogging time" with these things which has not left much time to post. I have to get up and start house cleaning as we are having a little company this weekend.

However, as I wrote about menus last, here is a photo of the Pinto Bean menu.  This was dinner for Tuesday night.  I ended up making just a quick tossed salad with what I could find in the frig as Tuesday nights are Little League Games right now and I did not have time to make the Columbia Salad.

Everything was good anyway.  As far as I am concerned, you can't beat pinto beans with fresh chopped onions and cornbread.  It's cheap, too!

I never use placemats.  (I do use tablecloths when we have company) This place setting would look much better with a placemat - I keep thinking I am going to make some.

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